Dennis McCurdy

CEO and Founder of:

The McCurdy Group

Adam Beck International Institute for Business and Personal Development

For Dennis, being self-motivating is innate. Helping others learn motivational skills is his passion. That’s why Dennis createdFind A Wayand Adam Beck International Institute for Business and Personal Development two companies dedicated to helping individuals reaches their potential.

A self-employed businessman since the age of 23, Dennis understands what it takes to be successful. His company, McCurdy Group, was awarded the prestigious 5 Star Designation in 2003.

As president ofFind A Way, he speaks frequently about personal success and growth. His new 6-week workshop,Find A Way, was developed for individuals who want to invigorate their life, reach for their dreams, and learn new ways to achieve. TheFind A Wayworkshop can even help you if you haven’t figuring out what you want. Those who have attended his presentations agree–Dennis is a practical and down-to-earth coach/guide. No frills just lots of meat and potatoes.

Dennis is the author of; Find, A Way, A Guide to Getting The Most From Life, and 52 Ways To Find A Way

Having grown up in a small rural New Englandtown, and with no role model for success, Dennis speaks about his becoming a successful businessperson from the point of view of the average person; about becoming a successful businessperson without a college degree. As Dennis often says, the School of Hard Knocks is more expensive than Harvard!

A Vietnamveteran, Dennis served at Phu Cat Airbase, Bin Din Province, South   Vietnamas a mortar gunner, and squad leader with the 12th Security Police Squadron from July 1970 to July 1971.


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